Volume 3, Issue 6, November 2015, Page: 75-79
Yield Components of Adama Red Onion (Allium cepa L.) Cultivar as Affected by Intra-row Spacing Under Irrigation in Fiche Condition
Sara Belay, Department of Horticulture, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Addis Ababa University, Fiche, Ethiopia
Daniel Mideksa, Department of Horticulture, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Addis Ababa University, Fiche, Ethiopia
Solomon Gebrezgiabher, Department of Horticulture, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Addis Ababa University, Fiche, Ethiopia
Weldemariam Seifu, Department of Horticulture, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Addis Ababa University, Fiche, Ethiopia
Received: Oct. 20, 2015;       Accepted: Nov. 3, 2015;       Published: Jan. 8, 2016
DOI: 10.11648/j.plant.20150306.13      View  4072      Downloads  111
A field experiment was conducted at Addis Ababa University, Selale Campus Horticulture department demonstration farm to assess the effect of plant density (intra-row spacing) on some yield components (mean bulb weight, bulb dry weight, fresh biomass yield and dry biomass yield) of Adama red onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivar in 2014/15 under irrigation. The experiment was conducted using randomized complete block design with three replicates. The analyzed result using ANOVA shows significance difference among the treatments. Maximum mean bulb weight (53.34g), maximum dry bulb weight (28.13g), fresh biomass yield (56.56g) and highest dry biomass yield (42.00g) was recorded in plants spaced at 10cm intra-row spacing. Therefore, it could be conclude that, under Fich condition, good quantity of Adama red onion is possible to produce with intra-row spacing of 10cm which was dominant over the other treatments.
Adama Red, Cultivar, Intra-row, Irrigation, Onion, Spacing, Yield Components
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Sara Belay, Daniel Mideksa, Solomon Gebrezgiabher, Weldemariam Seifu, Yield Components of Adama Red Onion (Allium cepa L.) Cultivar as Affected by Intra-row Spacing Under Irrigation in Fiche Condition, Plant. Vol. 3, No. 6, 2015, pp. 75-79. doi: 10.11648/j.plant.20150306.13
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